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Painting Mania

This year has gotten off to a great start. I am focused on the act of painting like never before. The number of new works has really caught me by surprise. One thought is they are smaller in scale (I'm not really sure if that is true). Realization that life is finite and I better get on the ball. The best part is I feel I have been getting more excited about life around me. I still would like to focus doing people, but not sure what tact to take to do that. Just ask? I feel like my work is getting to maturity or at least I feel confident that I can make an image that is relatable. I guess I am having fun painting which is what it is all about. Isn't it? Everything I state seems to be a question.

I did want you to be aware of the great deal of the fun it is meeting new people while painting. So many interesting folks out there. It actually has become my social life. The people passing by. This is a solitude profession at least the way I'm handling it.


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