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Good Ridden 2017

Pretty intense year of ups and mostly downs. Last post was in the spring of 2017, so involved in a turbulent summer, fall and now winter. Was on a fairly productive year until I tore my meniscus in the left kneecap in early October. Since then on crutches with a leg brace and what seems to be a snail pace in recovery. I dread every announcement of snow because of my long corner lot of sidewalks, fire hydrant, bus stop... that all need to be shoveled. They are saying a pretty big storm this Thursday :-( I must acknowledge with great gratitude whoever has been kind enough to shovel the sidewalk up on Summit Street!

At the start of December my truck was backed into with the "back" section of my truck being in need of replacement. After three weeks I got it back. I have spent a great deal of time sleeping during the day due to my leg and probably depression to a degree. I got my self together enough to start a small picture on New Years eve that will become the first painting of 2018. I've attached that painting as well as a large self portrait that I began when my leg was better. Not sure where I am going with it, out of my comfort zone of reality and playing more to my insides. At some point I am planning to include in the work a "break away" section of my leg with the brace.

Hopefully I will be more engaged in my blog this year.

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