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Cherry Tree, 28 x 28, Oil/Linen
Speak No, Hear No, See No Evil
What's Up? oil/linen, 16 x 16
Running Away, oil/linen, 16 x 16
Still Life with Statue
Orange is the New Black
Cone Flowers
White Boat, ME
Summer Vortex
Site A-1, ME.
Pitcher at Night
Red Boat, ME.
RR Bridge over Saugatuck
Garden Wall, oil/linen
Cockscombs, oil/linen
Clouds,oil/linen, 30 x 30
Red Spring, oil,18 x18
Tank Car, 18 x 18, oil
Lighthouse Quad
East Grand, Spring
Frieda's Bench
If These Walls Could Talk
Juggling Jester
PIranha, oil/linen, 14 x 24
Flower Pots
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