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I never thought I'd paint a Christmas Tree

Ending the year of 2015 with this last painting. Over the years I thought how time restrictive Holiday pictures were especially of a Christmas Tree. Do you drag the painting out every year during the holidays? At the Yale Art Gallery they have had on display for a few months what as I saw as a riotess painting of a Christmas tree by the artist, Florine Stettheimer (1871-1944). It disturbs me everytime I see it. However, Yale has added other works by the same artist and my intrigue has grown of his work. This led me to finally painting my own painting of the subject matter. Being a WASP and not wanting to make any noise and surrounding myself with earthy tones I create the seen image. I at first didn't include any lights on the tree, but gave in to the joy that this kind of miserable year is finally over.

In review I was quite productive after the rocky start with "Je suis Charlie". Painting was once again my rock for survival this year despite many sad stories such as losing my best friend, Joe. Health was an issue all year through, with my eyes and teeth. I figure it has got to be better in 2016.

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