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Few Days Looking at the Sound

Last few years I have been trying to do pure water scenes, but I keep always adding side images whether it is sand, rocks or boats. If I were out in a boat maybe I could just focus on the water. It sure changes a lot from day to day, color of the sky, time of day, tide in or out (more importantly is the tide influence) changes of the is really challenging and never very truthful in the piece of work being really pure. I tend to focus more on the tide level and go back and forth over each day with trying to catch the water movement. Kind of frustrating, but is hard to complain too much when you get to take a dip in the water when it is hot. I finally got this picture that I will post on my web site that I brought to some conclusion. It is a 32 x 32 format over a period of 5 sessions.

BTW - I decided to back out of CWOS this year. They had sent me an email telling me that the curators for the event did not chose me from my portfolio and that they were sorry. The thing is I didn't even apply to be part of their curator tours and got rejected (I don't know if portfolio is another term for web site). Sort made me feel down so I figure I will pass this year and gather my pride and maybe do it next year. Any artist can have their studios open for the two days for showing their work.... and that is all I was trying

to do. I get the feeling from my own past experiences that there are too many art's adminstrators for the arts looking out to keep their job positions and not so focused on the artist themselves that they are trying to support and nurture. It is really kind of a social game.

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